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Date Posted:2 March 2018 

No time to fly? No worries. These beauty products will whisk you away in just one whiff.


Still dreaming about that holiday you didn’t take over Christmas? Well, we may not be able to get you on the plane but we can take you on a sensory journey far, far away. And, since the olfactory sense (or sense of smell) is so closely linked with memory and emotion, it may even be enough to tide you over to Easter. Choose your own holiday adventure with these destinations (and the scents to match!)


For the adventurer: Morocco

Colour, chaos and all the spices of the world - Morocco is (unsurprisingly) often described as an olfactory overload. While some are not as pleasing on the senses (think: leather tanneries), wandering through the local markets you’ll be taken with the delicious smells of freshly ground spices like cinnamon and rosemary and the permanent waft of fresh mint tea. If you take a trek through a local herbal souk (where potions and lotions are made for medicines and cosmetics) you’ll be hit with the delightfully earthy scents of musk and amber. And then, there’s the mazes of the medinas where colours, culture and history swirl together before your eyes…  

Sure, Morocco may not be your typical cocktail-fuelled vacay, but it is an experience unlike no other. And one thing is for sure: while your mind may be on holiday, your senses will be partying like it’s Mardi Gras. 

Get the Moroccan vibe:

Badger cool mint cocoa butter lip balm: Not quite a mint tea, but still refreshing.

Lollia Stacks of Pretty Paper Reed Diffuser: Bright pops of colour on the outside, delicious smells (like amber and sheer musk) on the inside.

Demeter Fragrance Library Morocco Cologne Spray: Inspired by freshly ground spices in an open-air souk – what’s more Moroccan than that?


For the nature-lover: New Zealand

If mountain hikes and ski fields are your idea of bliss, our fair country neighbour is the destination for you. There’s something about the air in New Zealand that’s just so… well… clean. The cool, crispness of it, combined with the distinctly “green” smell of plants and trees and fields – in a word New Zealand is just refreshing. Whether you’re trekking through the South Island’s fjord country, skiing in Coronet Peak, screaming through a bungee jump, wandering through a rainforest, or inhaling the salty air of 90 mile beach, every turn in NZ is another huge round of applause for Mother Nature.


Get the New Zealand vibe:

Badger Balm Hardworking Hands Balm: Because as beautiful as the outdoors may be, the chapped, dry skin it leaves in its wake is not.

Demeter Fragrance Library Salt Air Body Wash: In NZ you’re never far from the sea, which means the sweet salty goodness of the ocean. This body wash is the next best thing.

Demeter Fragrance Library Destination Collection, New Zealand Cologne Spray: Spritz yourself with the smell of the great outdoors. Think: plant leaves, barks, grass, snow, ocean, river and stone.


For the sun n’ sand seeker: The Whitsundays

If holidays for you mean daily swims and plenty of sun what better place to look than your own backyard?  This ‘80s favourite is making a solid comeback, and with good reason. With days filled with island hopping, some of the world’s most beautiful beaches (yes, we’re totally biased) and snorkeling amongst one of the natural wonders of the world (the Great Barrier Reef), who needs Bali, when you have this right at home? There’s nothing more Australian than salt in your hair, sand in your toes and sun on your skin. Soak up the heady smells of home, and carry that holiday vibe with you all year long.

Get the Whitsundays vibe:

Badger After Sun Balm:

For when you’ve had too much of the good stuff (the sun) and your skin needs some love, let shea and cocoa butter soothe you back to smooth.

Demeter Fragrance Library Destination Collection, Great Barrier Reef Cologne Spray: The sweetness of coral combined with the salty warmth of the Pacific Ocean this fragrance perfectly captures that holiday feeling.



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