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Date Posted:12 July 2018 




Found! The cure for Australia’s “bag rage”


Spoiler alert: it’s these pretty reusable tote bags.


After years of talk it’s finally upon us: the plastic bag ban. It threw many into a panic,  a panic that was well documented - even in the international press - for all the wrong reasons.  


Twitter has been afire with fuming consumers who are having a virtual meltdown about it, some swearing they’ll never shop at supermarkets again (seriously?) and one customer even loading a full trolley (yes, the actual trolley) into their car. Some think it’s all part of a big supermarket conspiracy to get more money... yep, somehow overlooking the huge environmental impact plastic bags have.


Internationally, the world is laughing at our  “bag rage”, especially as many countries have been living harmoniously (and happily) in a plastic-less bag existence for years. Even the USA  - that’s right, the country who willingly elected Donald Trump and think it’s a birthright to own guns - are laughing at us. What a proud moment.


Of course if you live in SA, Tasmania, ACT or NT you would have been calmly shopping without plastic bags for last seven years or so without making international headlines. And you’d know it IS possible to survive in a world without single use plastic bags. And those who aren’t spending all their time raging on Twitter will probably also know that this is a good thing, and a long overdue thing, since approximately 40 million single use plastic bags end up in the Australian environment each year. And while thicker, more durable plastic bags are still available  to purchase at supermarkets, if we continue to use these with the same mentality and “throwaway” culture as old grey ones, it could be potentially even more damaging for the environment because they take longer to break down.


So what’s the solution? It’s simple really: reusable shopping bags or tote bags that are sturdy, easy to clean, and large enough to fit your shopping in. And, Australia we’re here for you in this time of need. We’ve got your back - and your shopping too - with these reusable tote bags, hot off the press from Tokyo Milk, in a range of beautiful, stylish prints you’ll be actually proud to tote around. You’re welcome.


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