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Date Posted:21 June 2018 

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Fight The Freeze


Keep your skin smooth and scale-free with these winter body care tips  


It’s winter. It’s cold. And that golden summer glow? Long gone. It’s time to face the facts: the chill is here to stay. You might have noticed that your skin behaves very differently in the cooler months too. Suddenly you have cracked heels, chapped lips and other winter delights to deal with, which means you need to overhaul your beauty cabinet to get with the winter program. This new host of winter body issues comes via the drier winter air, wind and indoor heating which all wreak havoc on our skin. But! It can be saved, with these simple winter body care tips.


Winter issue: Dry, flaky lips

The fix: If your lips are looking far from kissable you can blame the lower humidity and wind for that. Also, if you have a lip-licking habit, it will worsen the problem too. Treat dry lips by using a gentle lip scrub (but not if they’re cracked as this will only irritate further!) and then smothering with a hydrating lip balm or treatment. Avoid products with camphor or menthol in them as these will only aggravate them further.


Try: The Skin Kitchen Pineapple Lip Scrub, $8.98 (hurry, it's on sale!) ; Badger Unscented Lip Balm, $7.95

Winter issue: Cracked, dry heels

The fix:  All that boot wearing and general pedi neglect makes for a pretty dire situation on the foot front. If you’re guilty of letting your heels go dry, don’t stress, it can be fixed! All you need to do is massage your feet with a healthy coat of nourishing body cream or a balm before bed, then pop on some cotton socks and sleep with them cocooned in the goodness. By morning your feet will feel like new, and if the dryness persists, just repeat for a few days in a row until they’re back in shape.


Try: Badger Foot Balm, $21.95; Love & Toast Honey Coconut Body Lotion, $17.50


Winter issue: Scaly Legs

The fix: Sure, you might be able to get away with not shaving for a few extra days in winter, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your legs all together. Being trapped in tights and jeans all day does nothing for the smoothness factor, so you’ll need to give them some love. And there’s no better way to do that than with a combo of exfoliation and body lotion. Exfoliate in the shower 2-3 times a week in winter, and as soon as you’re out, pat dry and smother your body in a hydrating body lotion. This is the optimal time to moisturise as the damp skin helps the cream absorb better and your open pores allow it to sink right in.


Try: Love & Toast Mandarin Tea Body Lotion, $17.50; The Skin Kitchen Vanilla Oat Body Scrub,$12.48 (on sale!)


Winter issue: Sore joints

The Fix: The cold air… it’s not so kind to your joints, making the aches flare up in places you didn’t even know were possible. The good news is, it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some “you time” in the tub. Take a bath with some epsom salt infused bath soaks, and feel the tension just melt away. And, when you’re out, follow it up by bribing your partner/ kids/ pets to give you a massage with some joint or muscle balm.


The Skin Kitchen Matcha Detox Bath Salts, $14.98 ; Badger Sore Joint Rub Balm, $21.95


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