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VIVAIO (vee-vi-oh) or ‘nursery’ in Italian has two meanings; it’s a place where young plants grow and a place where little kids learn as they grow.

While in Borneo, we noticed some kids wearing a yellow paste on their faces. We were told this was “Borak”, a paste made of healing Turmeric, an ingredient effective for sun protection. Suddenly, a light bulb went off! What if we could rediscover other centuries-old healing remedies from around the world and combine them with the help of organic science to create a superior range of baby care products for little ones? As parents to 2 young children, plus a combined history of 20+ years in the global personal care industry, this felt like the perfect path to follow for us. The rest, as they say, is history…VIVAIODAYS Organic World Secrets was born!

Each product is inspired by a proven, centuries old remedy, recently discovered somewhere in the world, crafted with the best quality ingredients, enhanced with organic science, resulting in a safe, pure, effective & pleasant to use organic certified product. 


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