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Demeter has always thought that great fragrance should be as natural as possible, but that our priority is to make great fragrance. Demeter Naturals are next level, with no synthetic ingredients.

Demeter Naturals Are:

  • Made from 100% natural ingredients and fragrance oils derived from natural sources
  • Alcohol naturally fermented from corn
  • No artificial colours, binders or emulsifiers
  • No synthetic fragrance materials
  • No Phthalates

But more than just natural, they are fine fragrances. They set out to create a different relationship between natural, price and quality. The answer is Demeter Naturals, where the main object of inspiration, be it Lavender, Vanilla Bark or Vetiver, expresses itself throughout the entire scent experience.

Demeter Naturals - Natural Fragrances as only Demeter could make