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Le Labo’s Santal 33 is a modern-day icon. Created in 2010 by the Niche fragrance house, it actually started its journey as a candle, then a room spray, but metamorphosed over the years to the scent that was – and still is – definitive of a decade (or rather, two). It was in the notes: smoky, sexy, a creamy sandalwood and cedar, leather, violet and amber. With Santal 33 Le Labo not only created a unisex fragrance, it created a universal scent – one wanted by all.

The only problem is for many the price is out of reach. Delicious and intoxicating as it is, with a price tag of almost $300 for a 50ml, it’s a little ouch. But here’s a secret: we’ve found a dupe – and it will give you change from a fifty. So if the woody, leathery sexiness is your kind of scent, try The Perfume Oil Company’s Santal, which was – you guessed it – inspired by Santal 33. With notes of Cedar, Cardamon, Violet, Leather, Amber, Iris and of course, sandalwood, you’ll have people asking “what are you wearing?” daily. 

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