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Lollia - MU Australia

Lollia combines signature mix-and-match patterns with soothing colour palettes, which have been inspired by sophisticated textiles and the warmth of lovely homes. It was designed to be decadently luxurious, yet sweetly familiar. The Lollia range was created by designer Margot Elena, an innovator of luxurious formulas and signature packaging for over a decade. 

Lollia feels sweetly familiar and yet delightfully luxurious.  Join us in celebrating gracefulness and beauty with Lollia's signature mix-and-match patterns. Unconscious allure. Unstudied sophistication. Quiet moments and close friends. This is Lollia.

At MU Australia, we love Lollia for the beautiful and luxurious bath and body care products. The Lollia Bubble Bath is one of the most delightful we've experienced, and the gentle yet exotic fragrances in the range are perfection. The Lollia Hand Cremes are also very hydrating and sweetly scented - they make for a lovely and thoughtful gift.